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Real Estate Representation That Focuses On The Client

Whether you are buying your first home or commercial property or have bought and sold several pieces of real estate before, the process is complex and often confusing. California real estate law sets out strict procedural requirements, and a mistake can cost you a lot of time and money. It can also ruin a sale or trigger litigation.

The best way to avoid problems with your next real estate transaction is to work with an experienced and capable real estate attorney. At Hanger Law Office, P.C., we have more than a decade of experience in real estate transactional work and litigation. Our attorney, James L. Hanger, is also a licensed California Realtor and broker. His deep knowledge of how real estate transactions really work can guide you step by step through the process, handle key paperwork, review the purchase and sale agreement and represent you at closing to minimize misunderstandings and potential conflict.

Dependable Transactional Assistance

Buying or selling a house, townhouse or condominium can make your dreams come true. But there are several legal considerations that we help our clients with. For example, we perform a title search to ensure that no third parties have a claim on the home that could complicate the sale. We can also review the purchase and sale agreement and escrow contract in detail and explain them to you so you fully understand what you are signing. Our due diligence will greatly improve your chances of a smooth and efficient transaction. We also represent buyers and sellers in commercial real estate and real estate investors. Our skilled representation will help protect your financial interests.

Even with careful planning and legal advice, a real estate lawsuit may be necessary to preserve your property rights and resolve a difficult conflict. James is a seasoned litigator who translates complex contracts, inspection disclosures and other evidence into a powerful strategy that exposes weaknesses in the other party’s case and gives you the best possible leverage toward a positive settlement or jury verdict.

James will work closely with you, listen to you and put you in charge of your case. He believes in using the law holistically to resolve conflicts when possible. While we never shy away from a lawsuit, we always seek a resolution that minimizes cost, stress and hard feelings between the parties.

Learn The Benefits Of Working With An Excellent Real Estate Lawyer

To learn more about how Hanger Law Office, P.C., can assist with your real estate law needs, please call our office in Pico Rivera at 714-701-8885 and schedule a consultation. We represent buyers and sellers throughout California, including Los Angeles and Orange counties.