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Fighting For California Workers’ Wage And Hour Claims

Employers are supposed to pay their workers the wages they promised and pay time and a half for overtime. Unfortunately, not all business owners and managers are honest. They try to take advantage of their employees by claiming they earned less than they really did because they think they have all the power and the workers cannot fight back.

The truth is, you do not have to accept being shorted in your paycheck. Hanger Law Office, P.C., works every day on behalf of workers caught in a wage and hour dispute with their employers. Attorney James L. Hanger is a specialist in California wage and hour claims and works tirelessly to support the legal rights of workers in the state.

How An Employment Lawyer Can Make A Difference

As a worker, if you are not getting the pay you have earned, you can confront your manager and seek justice on your own. But companies often retaliate by firing or demoting anyone who complains and trying to intimidate the rest of the staff. As an experienced employment law attorney, James counters this power imbalance and gives his clients a chance at a fair outcome.

We can help you with a range of wage and hour disputes, including:

A mix of state and federal laws and regulations generally requires employers in California to pay at least the minimum wage of $15.50 per hour and compensate workers for all the hours they work. Enforcing those laws is often up to the victims. We will listen carefully as you describe how you are being paid less than you earned and lay out your options for compensation. Once you decide on a strategy, we will get to work pressuring your current or former employer to comply with the law.

Know Your Rights As A Wage Earner In California

No worker should have to accept getting their wages stolen or withheld by their employer. Call Hanger Law Office, P.C. at 714-701-8885 to schedule a consultation about how we help workers enforce their wage and hour rights. You can also reach us via email. We serve clients in Orange County, Los Angeles County and the rest of California.